Getting to Know Robert McCannel
"From a very young age I was always very creative," says Robert, "but the more practical side of me knew I had to make a living." That's why for over 20 years Robert has enjoyed a successful career in designing and selling high quality fashion jewelry. You may have viewed or purchased his jewelry designs in some of the world's finest luxury retailers, duty free boutiques, department stores, and direct sales companies; or on television shopping networks in the US, Canada and Europe.

In 2003, Robert co- founded "Little Black Dress Fashion Jewelry Collection", a fun and glamorous direct sales company offering beautiful sterling silver and fashion jewelry. In May, 2009, the Little Black Dress brand was acquired by the world-famous Swarovski Corporation.

Besides his passion for beautiful jewellery, Robert has a varied and diverse array of interests, which include renovating and decorating houses, hosting glittering dinner parties, and enjoying his recent return to the good Canadian life in Toronto, Canada. What does the future hold in store? Robert says his goal is to "Surround myself with fabulous fashionistas … sip chardonnay … make people laugh and look beautiful … and keep drumming up "to-die-for" Three Martini Collection jewellery designs!"