Arlene Dickinson
One of Canada's most renowned independent marketing communications entrepreneurs. After joining Venture as a partner in 1988, Arlene took over sole ownership in 1998 and has grown the company into a strategic and creative...Read More

EZ Fashion - Izzy Camilleri
As one of Canada's premier fashion designers and creative directors, Izzy Camilleri has generated a significant buzz in the fashion scene throughout the years. Realizing her passion at the very young age of 10, Izzy took the fashion design course at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.. Read More

Persuasion Jewellery - Lisa Corbo
A woman with a vision. With the launch of her eponymous accessory Collection in 2006, this style expert will fulfill a lifelong dream which has been in the making since her early days as a maverick design student..Read More

GoClean - Sunny Yashpal
An entrepreneur who graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Physiology. He holds the title of president at goclean inc.,the company he founded in and in late 2011 ..
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