Camila was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and spent her childhood between the beaches of Bahia and the farmlands of Minas Gerais. She was raised by her fashion designer mother and her father, who is a farmer. After making the move to Los Angeles at the age of 15 and working for years cleaning houses and waiting tables, Camila picked up English (only speaking Portuguese upon arrival) and set her sights on obtaining her own American dream. At 19, Camila moved to New York to pursue a modeling career, which she has been doing ever since (she is currently 28-years-old). Luckily, modeling has taken her around the world, from Paris to Milan, to China and Africa, and numerous destinations in between. Throughout her extensive travel she began to develop a keen sense of fashion. She has never been a "fashion follower" so to speak, but she has always known what she liked, what she did not and why.

One thing Camila noticed after all of her extensive travel was that there weren't any handbags available that suited any of her needs. Nothing was strong and sexy enough at the same time (and if they were, everybody else had one just like it). All of the handbags in the marketplace were either too small (really cute but impractical) or too big (way too practical but not at all fashionable) so she decided to create a handbag that fits her lifestyle. With Camila's needs and her mother's fashion design background, they started creating what would become the MUXO handbag line. They started designing in 2005 and finally after three years of experimenting, they created a handbag that was both practical and fashionable and of the highest quality leather, yet still sexy.

The MUXO handbags are influenced mainly by the places Camila spends a lot of her time in, mainly Malibu, CA, Brazil and New York City. As Camila always says, MUXO bags are as ready for the beach as they are for a shopping trip down Fifth Avenue.