GLOSS Moderne is the leading manufacturer of professional Keratin Smoothing Gloss and Luxury Hair Care Collection and stands as the favored choice of many of the nation's top educators and stylists. GLOSS Moderne offers a professional salon line, as well as a complete Luxury Hair Care Collection – ideal for anyone seeking runway inspired hair with products that can be used at the comfort of your home.

Not only does GLOSS Moderne embrace the utmost high-quality ingredients and advanced formulations, but as a company, we also place high value on the integrity of our products for the sake of our customers' satisfaction and safety. For this reason we have taken the necessary step of employing Intertek, the most world renowned laboratory testing facility, to ensure each and every one of our products meet the standard they were created to do. Also, with the assistance of Regulatory Resources LLC, we can guarantee our products are safely and properly assessed for distribution. Not a single detail is overlooked as GLOSS Moderne dedicates itself to creating only the most pristine beauty products that truly enhance the health and strength of the hair.