About HydroPeptide
Many chemists, doctors, estheticians and even nutritionists lent their hand in the creation of HydroPeptide® Skin Care. The story begins with the peptide revolution. Peptides have been used in medicine for ages, but only recently begun scientifically improving anti-aging skin care. When whole, peptides make up proteins which are the basic building blocks to life.

Dr. Louise Peck, PhD and renowned expert in nutritional science, was well versed with the effects of the “protein diet”. However, when she learned of peptides, protein fragments being used to improve skin health and beauty, she was intrigued. Dr. Peck put peptides to the test and was thrilled with her findings. Just as she knew a healthy diet must be balanced, she realized highly effective skin care must be balanced with more than just high-performance peptides.

Dr. Peck partnered with skin science experts and spent years researching effective ingredient combinations that could be deemed worthy of the “anti-wrinkle” term.