Lea Journo is about enhancing beauty through performance products that deliver glamorous style and healthy, younger-looking hair.

Fusing high concentrations of advanced hair care technology with exclusive, natural botanical actives and formulating smart, sulfate and paraben free products provides tangible results to transform hair.

Lea Journo is also about caring for the environment, doing its part to embody social responsibility and involve its sophisticated customers in doing the same. The undercurrent of eco-friendly attributes is seen throughout the product line as a seamless fusion of glamour and green consciousness. Lea Journo products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are never tested on animals.

Key Attributes:
French Plum Oil
 100% pure and natural, harvested in south-west of France
 Rich in essential fatty acids, smoothes skin and hair
 Adds shine and replenishes moisture without weighing down hair
 Controls dry ends and fly-aways
 Restores skin's natural barrier to protect and hydrate

Sulfate & Paraben Free
 Meets increased consumer demands for perceived safety of products
 Efficacious cleansing and conditioning with high quality sensorial "foaming" attributes
 Safe for use on all hair types, including chemically treated and colored hair
 Protects the longevity and vitality of colored hair

Prestige Presence
Brilliant packaging with a chic and sexy prestige presence invite discriminating customers.

Sophisticated formulations with luxurious, results-oriented ingredients transform hair to look its absolute best, to simply BE beautiful.

Innovative. Beautiful. Functional. Responsible.
 Utilizes less materials than standard packaging.
 Delivers more product for increased consumer satisfaction.
 Unique, eye-catching pouch attracts consumer attention.
 Prestige presence attracts attention on the shelf not in a landfill.
 Strong, satisfying perception of durability.

 More sustainable alternative to standard cosmetic packaging.
 Leaves behind a smaller footprint on the environment.
 Increased value perception to consumer with more product and greater social responsibility.

Recyclable Packaging
Sleek. Glamorous. Smart. Responsible.

 Beautiful, durable PET bottles with slender, easy to hold shape.
 Sleek, reflective tubes with flexible, easy product evacuation.
 Attracts attention on the shelf not in a landfill.