Susan Kirsch is a professional makeup artist with a specialty in camouflage, teaching one on one personalized makeup lessons and wedding mastery. Owner of PANDORA'S Makeup Box and the Kirsch Cosmetic Studio in Toronto, Susan Kirsch has been teaching people the art of makeup and beauty for over 20 years.

The creation of Pandora¹s Makeup Box is an organic extension of Susan¹s love for people and makeup, as well as her deep understanding of what people really need and want in their daily makeup routine.

Inspiration easily flowed from her vast work with thousands of brides on their wedding day, teaching clients the art of makeup application, and from helping cancer patients get through the difficult effects of treatment with beauty.

"I feel greatly honoured to be able to work with all different women at different ages, stages and situations in their lives to help them feel more confident and beautiful" says Susan. "My goal for Pandora¹s Makeup Box was to develop professionally blended products that would provide a fun, simple, yet sophisticated way for women to achieve a professional makeup artistry look all the while knowing that they achieved this themselves at home ."