tip & trick #1:
If you are doing your own makeup, a great tip to try when applying liquid liner is to apply your mascara first to determine eye shape. then create the cat eye liner, you will have an easier time creating the "flare" and flip at the end. to recreate the white liner look, stick to a pencil and set it with moonlight, a white metallic shadow. this combo looks like acrylic paint patent shine! apply full strip of lashes and keep rest of your makeup clean and polished.

tip & trick #2:
Focus on sculpting and shaping your features by using neutral matte medium tone around the lash line and in crease. softly shape cheekbones with powder bronzer, this will enhance your natural beauty...and will turn on the glam factor.

tip & trick #3
Maximize your eyes, if your eyes are close together, leave the inner corner bare and brighten lids with a beige shimmer shadow . extend the line at the outer corners and finishing just beyond the edge of the lash line, lift up and angle tip of liquid liner towards the temple. the farther out, the more dramatic the look. for eyes that are wide-set, the opposite holds true. line the eyes all the way to the inner corner and don't extend the line at the outer corners too far.