His Story Began:

From an early age, Glenn always enjoyed working with his hands. He also developed a true sense of individual style, a trait instilled by his Mom, a fashion-clothing entrepreneur. Glenn's Mom brought him on buying trips and always encouraged her youngest child to pursue his dreams and fostered his creativity. Glenn Bradford is a Life-Inspired Fine Jeweler. He has won Multiple Design & Marketing Awards.

Glenn was admitted to a 7-year Dental Program at New York University. After finishing all requirements to enter dental school, he realized that dentistry was not his calling & transferred into a 5-year BS-MBA Program at NYU. After Achieving his MBA in Finance & International Business with honors in the Fall of 1985, and working in corporate America, Glenn sharpened his marketing & business skills. He ultimately decided to leave his corporate career to pursue his dream-to become a designer.

Glenn states, "I am very fortunate, that I get to be creative on a daily basis."