About Sima K

She didn't know it, but Sima Khorsandi's summer job as a teenager would blossom into a 25-year career in the gemstone business. When Sima was 16, she worked as a gemstone company messenger. Within her first year she was promoted to the sales floor. After 3 years, she became sales manager. Sima continued to climb the corporate ladder – becoming a gemstone buyer while simultaneously earning her master's in computer science. Despite her technical degree, Sima couldn't resist working with gemstones. "Because I was in sales and I sold gemstones to all the big designers, I developed an intense interest in jewelry design." So Sima returned to school to take courses in design. Her signature design style was born during her travels in Europe and the Far East. "When I was in Sri-Lanka, I came across the most amazing genuine stone called white sapphire. The idea of replacing diamonds with this sparkling stone excited me," she says.

Sima made her first jewelry sample in Thailand and wore the black and white sapphire ring during her flight home. It may have been fate that Sima had a celebrity sighting on the plane. Only, in her case, the celebrity had her sights on Sima's sample ring! The star's glowing comments encouraged Sima to continue jewelry design and create her own jewelry company. Star power may have ignited the passion in Sima K. jewelry, but Sima credits her two teenage sons for her company's achievements. "I lost my husband about 10 years ago. Since my kids were raised with me alone, they were always looking up to me," she says. "I think part of my success was to prove to my kids that if they put their heart and soul together with hard work, they can make any dream come true."