Exerciseur Gazelle Freestyle Pro de Tony Little avec 2 DVD d'entraînement et carte VIP

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Nous sommes désolés, le contenu de certaines pages n’est pas encore traduit en français. Il le sera bientôt.

De retour à la demande générale, l’exerciseur Gazelle Freestyle Pro de Tony Little sera parfait pour vous mettre en forme! Avec plus de 137 000 de vendus, il s’agit de l’appareil le mieux vendu par The Shopping Channel. Agréable et facile à utiliser, il renforcera vos bras, vos jambes et vos abdominaux à l’aide d’excercises que vous pourrez effectuer chez vous. De plus, il est conçu à l’aide d’un système breveté à double pivotement qui permet une plus grande amplitude des mouvements, favorisant le mouvement indépendant des jambes sur les pédales élargies tout en restreignant le pas pour prévenir les mouvements excessifs. Idéal tant pour un débutant que pour un athlète d’expérience, l’excerciseur Gazelle Freestyle Pro de Tony Little est équippé d’un système informatisé qui tient compte des calories dépensées, de la distance, du temps, de la vitesses et des pulsations cardiaques.


Vous recevrez également 2 DVD avec 4 séances d’exercises qui vous permettront de profiter pleinement de votre Gazelle ainsi que l’accès gratuit pendant 1 an au service d’assistance téléphonique Tony Little pour recevoir les conseils d’un entraîneur professionnel.


Grâce à l’exerciseur Gazelle de Tony Little, vous pourrez relever le défi de vous mettre en forme sans avoir à payer le prix d’un abonnement au gymnase, et ce, peu importe votre condition physique. Alors, pourquoi de pas en profiter dès maintenant?


• L’exerciseur Gazelle est l’appareil d’entaînement le mieux vendu par The Shopping Channel. Au fil des années, nous en avons vendu plus de 137 000!

• Accompagné de 2 DVD : Total Body Cross Trainer Workout & Quick Shape Body Workout (entraînement pour tout le corps et mise en forme rapide) et Lower Body Solution Workout & Total Body Butt Kicking Workout (entraînement pour le bas du corps et entraînement intensif pour tout le corps)

• Le service d’assistance téléphonique Tony Little pour recevoir les conseils d’un entraîneur professionnel est ouvert du lundi au vendredi, de 9 h à 17 h (heure de l’est)

• Assemblage : durée d’environ 20 minutes pour 1 personne; pièces à assembler : tubes en acier avec pédales, écrous et boulons (outils nécessaires compris)

• Peut soutenir un poids maximal de 300 lb


Comprend :

• Exerciseur Gazelle Freestyle Pro de Tony Little

• 2 DVD avec 4 séances d’exercises

• Guide alimentaire

• Carte d'accès aux conseils d’un entraîneur professionnel

• 2 piles AA


Information sur la garantie :

Ce produit est accompagné d’une garantie d’un an du fabricant.



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The Gazelle is Great!

Par Laura

de Saskatchewan

Bronze Reviewer

I love my Gazelle! I have had it for a little while now and I am so happy. Bought it the last time it was the showstopper. It is easy to use and I feel great when I use it. My energy level has increased and I think it is because it gives me such a great workout. I also think it is great because it is easy on my joints. If you follow Tony's DVD's you will be sure to get an excellent workout. Thanks Tony for bringing such an excellent exercise machine to us for an affordable price.


This really works!

Par Melanie

de Mississauga, ON

Thanks to The Shopping Channel, I used my "Save and Spend" voucher to purchase this item. My husband did have a hard time trying to put everything together because he felt that it lacked detailed instructions. However, he had trouble assembling a tiny mailbox lol, so I didn't take it to heart.

I love to walk and need to shed some pounds, but never felt comfortable at a gym. This winter has been brutal as well, and I am definitely not making excuses when the temps dip below with nasty windchills! I get on it, and in no time I have completed 30 minutes of Gazelling. I haven't used the DVDs yet because I felt I haven't needed to yet. So many perks about this machine! Not only does it give a great workout with low impact, but I can use this anytime I want to, don't have to go outside, and engaging all of the muscles when using the handles. I pretend that I'm an Olympic skiier for extra motivation :-)

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Love it!!

Par H

de Calgary

Bronze Reviewer

I have been using this every day since I received it on March 1. It was fairly easy to put together - I just followed the instructions. It is a very sleek design, well built and folds down very easily to a nice compact size - it's not too big, it's just right. It provides an awesome workout and I have zero complaints - LOVE IT!!

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Better than expected

Par Poetess

de Kelowna BC

Item is quite heavy in the box so would recommend 2 people if this is for someone older or if you have some physical limitations

I did not find the item that hard to put together, i had layed out all items and ensured all parts were accounted for before hand.

i had found a video on You Tube and followed that video and so the put together of the glider was ok, just be sure to have the time to put it together.

i have used this glider 2+ weeks now and have lost 10lbs with using the gazelle 5/6 x week and used it up to 2 times a day. Time used was anything from 12min to 30min and have not followed the video but watched the news or my fav program. I found the video boring for me. However I not a fan of any type of workout that is "directed" (instructor type of workouts)

I have changed my diet, cutting out red meat but still enjoy the cream in my coffee and watch the portions.

I have noticed more tone in my legs and arms (the lean forwards & backwards moves) I do not stay with one motion for a long period of time and switch it up as soon as it starts to feel "going with the flow".

positives : i work very long hours late into the evening and going outside to walk is not the safest or weather is not co-operating / the gym can be daunting and to get the stuff together and go there work out and back just killed the time (there & back) Now with this in that time... I have already worked out at home.

the cost of this product was equal to a 3 month membership

its in the privacy of my own home and have even worked out in my pj's during a commerical break or during the evening when if I feel a snack attack coming on then grab the fresh fruit afterwards.

no squeaks found like other people have reported

i dont use the monitor so useless for me / I have worked out a sweat with the machine and noticed right away ache in the calves the first few days

there is various moves/ stretches you can do on the machine so makes it less boring than a treadmill which I can feel sometimes redundant, hard on the knees and next to no upper body workout

down side, i find even with cross trainers on my foot still slides around so would recommend they add more of a rubber tread so less chance of slding

i dont move the unit and leave it set up for ease of use just put your socks & shoes on and use it no more excuses

for the money it was worth it.

I am turning 43 / 5 6, 200+lbs & dropping, have had issues with weight gain due to total hyst & early onset menopause, high stress job, long hours and busy family life...


okay machine

Par dee

de ontario

had machine for a while now I use it almost everyday haven't noticed any weight loss or inches lost. I do feel some tightness in my legs after a workout. the machine does make noise and needs some assembly on delivery. I would not recommend it if you want to do it while watching tv. would not purchase again doesn't seem to do anything will keep using and see. ( I work out about 20 minutes a day on it)

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Great buy great product

Par value seaker

de Halifax

Used every day,this is the second one.it seems more sturdy that the original one that was woren out after many years of use.

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little gazelle pro



Silver Reviewer

I have been using it and got in on sale below $170 ....for that price I suppose it would be worth it, but definitely not higher than that cost. The DVD are a bit boring...I use my own music. Body is trimming, but you definitely will need to use much more than 30 min. to see some results.

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so far so good!


de Wentworth, NS

Ok, we received the parcel and looked at it for a
couple of days for fear of putting it together.
Not so. It was quite simple. It probably took
about a half hour and that was just taking our time. Now comes the fun part. Using it! Not so
bad. I however couldn't get the stride everyone
else was doing on the program. But to my surprise
within a couple of times using it and getting comfortable with it, it became easier and easier. There is a little noise now and again but nothing that I would complain about. Now we haven't really used it that much as yet but so far so good. I do a few minutes every time I pass by it.
I haven't exercised for quite some time so I
am starting out slowly.
Yes I consider this a good purchase!

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good price good product

Par Mar, the cooker

de Thunder Bay

The Tony Little gazelle is better than I expected and better built than the cheaper ones. It is sturdier and bigger than I expected. I am not a lightweight and is good for my 200lbsplus. Quick and easy to assemble. I like the quietness of it and can enjoy a tv program while putting in the miles. It is painless to use as I do have some hip/joint pain. I have not had it very long but the only thing I need is more motivation.

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so far so good

Par granny

de mackenzie

So far so good. I recently had purchased a knock off from a department store and promtly returned it as it was so cheaply made. I was happy with the strength and sturdiness of this unit. It was MUCH easier to assemble than the previous unit I purchased. I have only been using it for 3 weeks now and I am quite satisfied with it. I live in a small apartment and I find that that folding it up and manuvering it around is a hassle, so I leave it set up behind my couch. I live in the north where we can go days and sometimes weeks on end without being able to go outdoors due to bad weather conditions. This is the reason I purchased this unit. I can hop on it at anytime during the day. It is a descent workout, and since I bought it to supplement my workouts, it does just that. I am easily able to dictate how hard I want to work.
I have to admit that a couple of the videos that came as a perk are a HOOT! They look as if they were made in the 80's and the close ups of chests and butts are quite hilarious! - (Note to Tony, this does not encourage me to workout whatsoever.)
Also a note to those who were complaining about the weight: the unit I mentioned above was lighter, and therefore jumped around even on carpeting when I worked out.This is something I have not experienced with this model at all. Time will tell if this unit stand up in the long run

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