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Setting up an Account

It’s quick and easy to setup an online account. Click ‘My Account’ at the top of any page and select the appropriate option for ‘New Online Shoppers’. If you are brand new to The Shopping Channel, you will have the option to establish an account when you make your first purchase with us.

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Phone-based Accounts

If you are an existing phone customer and are ready to enjoy the many benefits to shopping online, click ‘My Account’ at the top of any page and select the appropriate option for ‘New Online Shoppers’. If you're not sure what your Customer Number is, simply call our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-2020-888 and we'll be happy to look it up for you. You can also find your Customer Number on your Order Summary from a previous purchase with us.

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Password Recovery

If you have forgotten the password to your online account with us, simply enter the email address we have on file and click Submit. A new, temporary password will be generated and emailed to you within minutes. We recommend you change this temporary password once you’ve gained access to your account online.
Click here for our Password Recovery page.

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Changing or Canceling an Order

Understanding that our customers sometimes need to cancel, change or add to an order after it is initially placed, order processing is held off until 12:00am (midnight) each night, at which point our highly automated fulfillment process begins.  Accordingly, if a customer wants to cancel or otherwise modify their order, it must be done by 11:59pm EST before the systematic fulfillment of orders begins. 

Our main National Distribution Centre regularly processes 10,000 packages or more each day, with many of the processes being highly automated.  Therefore, you can understand the difficulty of trying to find and pull back a package after the process has started – it’s a lot like looking for a needle in a hay stack.  And, extending the cut-off time to allow orders to be cancelled after midnight, would only serve to delay the delivery of everyone’s package.  So, in order to ensure that your package, and those of all our other customers are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, we are all bound to our midnight processing deadline.

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