DR-HO'S Neck Comforter with Bonus Pain Relief Book

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DR-HO'S Neck Comforter with Bonus Pain Relief Book
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DR-HO'S Neck Comforter with Bonus Pain Relief Book
DR-HO'S Neck Comforter with Bonus Pain Relief Book

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What it is:
Get professional neck traction and stretching at home with DR-HO'S® Neck Comforter. Relax your neck and shoulders to help reduce headaches, neck, shoulder and hand pain. Help improve your circulation, so your hands aren't cold and numb. Help increase your range of motion and improve your posture. Plus, receive the bonus "Relief: At-Home, Drug-Free Solutions to Neck, Shoulder & Headache Pain" by Dr. Ho!

What it does:
Modern day lifestyles are more stressful and busy than ever. We work longer hours and constantly have more demands placed upon us. As a result more people seem to be suffering from headaches, neck and shoulder pain and upper limb problems caused by poor posture, physical stress, computer work, driving long distances, sitting for long periods of time, poor sleeping habits and emotional stress. It is no surprise that these are the four most common conditions that Dr. Ho has treated during his nineteen years of practice as a chiropractor and acupuncturist. That is why he has developed the Neck Comforter, so that people who suffer from these conditions can get the relaxation and relied required in the comfort of their own home.

DR-HO'S® Neck Comforter is an inflatable neck traction device that inflates with air using a high efficiency hand pump. When it is partially inflated, the device functions like a neck support. When fully inflated, it supports the weight of the head to help reduce stress on the neck and shoulders. The inflation elongates and gently stretches the neck and shoulder muscles while supporting good posture further reducing stress on the neck and shoulder muscles. Many health professionals have observed that cervical neck traction allows tight neck muscles to relax, and helps decompress spinal discs and joints. The pressure is adjustable so you can set the stretching to your comfort level. There are no batteries, chemicals or harmful side effects. It's portable, safe and easy to use.

What else you need to know:
Why neck traction is important:
The average head weights 10 to 12 lbs, and the neck and shoulder muscles work very hard to hold the head up. This repetitive use of the muscles along with daily work, physical stress, improper sleeping habits, poor posture, previous neck injuries and emotional stress can all cause neck muscles to tighten with time. The tight muscles cause pain and restriction in movement.

With aging, the spinal discs can become weak and will bulge with pressure from the weight of the head and from tight neck muscles squeezing the vertebrae and disc together. Tight neck muscles and bulging disc(s) can exert pressure on nerves and blood vessels to constrict circulation between the head, neck and arms. This can cause headaches, weakness, pain, numbness and cold sensation anywhere in the arm.

Neck traction can stretch and relax the neck and shoulder muscles while helping to improve the spinal posture. The stretching can decompress the spinal disc which may minimize bulging and ease the constriction on nerve and blood circulation. Neck traction can also help take pressure off the painful and stiff joints to relieve pain and improve mobility.

"RELIEF: At-Home, Drug-Free Solutions to Neck, Shoulder & Headache Pain" by Dr. Ho:
Dr. Ho, creator of the internationally renowned DR-HO'S Muscle Massage System, disseminated and exposes common misconceptions concerning painful conditions of the head, neck, shoulders and arms. Dr. Ho reveals the shocking truth to relieve migraines, tension headaches, insomnia, symptoms fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injuries, osteoarthritis, bursitis and tendonitis of the neck, should, elbow and hand.

• Paperback: 303 pages
• Publisher: DRTV Asia Limited (2006)
• ISBN-10: 0978712617
• ISBN-13: 978-0978712617

What is included:
• Neck Comforter
• Neck Comforter Manual
• Spinal Secrets DVD
• Relief At-Home, Drug-Free Solutions to Neck, Shoulder & Headache Pain by Dr. Michael Ho